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Epic Games Store gives you a free game every week. Come back often for the exclusive offers. Download a free game to play or join a free-to-play game community today.
Rocket League - New Season
Season 13 brings back the vibes of the 90s and early 2000s. Unlock items in Rocket Pass Premium!
Experience the biggest update of 2023. The New 8x8 Map, RONDO.
Chivalry 2 - Free Weekend
Try Chivalry 2 for free this weekend alongside the new Reclamation Update, plus grab it at 60% off for a limited time.
The Sims™ 4 My First Pet Stuff
Redeem The Sims™ 4 My First Pet Stuff Pack FREE until January 6 and care for adorable small pets!
League of Legends - New Champion
Hwei, the Visionary, blurs the line between beauty and destruction. Unleash artistry with League’s newest champion.
Zenless Zone Zero
Welcome to New Eridu — Where Humanity Rises Anew!
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