Sports Games

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Sports Games FAQ

What are sports games?

Sports such as football, soccer, golf, and racing have been turned into video games. They take many forms. You can be a single participant in a game or a manager in charge of an entire team. Some sports have been taken to new arenas, where you’ll play golf in a post-apocalyptic world. Some sports don’t even exist in the real world. Rocket League combines soccer and cars in a completely new sport for you to enjoy.

Does the Epic Games Store have free sports games to download?

Yes. You can select the “Free” tag on the Browse page to find free sports games within the store. This link will take you to the Free Sports Games we have tagged on the Epic Games Store.

Can you play sports games on PC?

Yes. There are multiple kinds of real-world sports to play on PC and even a few made-up ones. You can be a soccer player, a baseball manager, or an American football star. Rev up as a racing car driver in a number of disciplines (track and off-road). There’s skateboarding and other extreme sports, like snowboarding and skiing. And after all that, take a break with a relaxing afternoon fishing.

What are the most popular types of sports games?

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and the best-selling sports game of all time is also a soccer game. American football and skateboarding games are all very popular, too.